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Talissa Orlistat Weight Loss Diet Pills

Talissa Orlistat Weight Loss Diet Pills

Talissa Orlistat 120 mg
Weight Loss Pills For Men Women
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What Is Talissa?
Talissa contains Orlistat 120mg to help you lose twice the weight of what you would achieve only with physical exercise and balanced food. No rebound effects and it can be taken by men and women from 18 years old.

How long can you take Talissa with Orlistat?
You can take Talissa for up to four years. Orlistat should be taken every day to be effective, specially when taking food with high fat content.

Do you take Talissa before or after a meal?
The usual dose of Talissa is one capsule taken with each of the three main meals per day. It can be taken immediately before, during a meal, or up to one hour after a meal. The Talissa capsule should be swallowed only with water, not milk, not alcohol not sodas, or carbonated soft drinks.

Can Talissa lower your cholesterol?
In patients with cardiovascular risk factors entering the study with lower cholesterol values, Talisa was also superior to placebo. In other words Talissa has a cholesterol-lowering efficacy independent of its weight-reducing properties.

How much weight can I lose with Talissa?
A clinical trial has found that men and women who took talissa three times a day lost an average of 4.8kg in the first month, increasing up to 7.2kg after 3 months. After a year, the average weight loss was 10% of the original body weight.

How You Should Take Talissa orlistat 120mg?
Almost all foods contain fat, so you should take one capsule of Talissa with each meal or a maximum of one hour later. It is important not to take more than 3 capsules per day. You should supplement Talissa with a multivitamin B once a day.

How Does Talissa Work?
Talissa prevents 30% of the fat contained in the food you consume from being absorbed into your body. It works by preventing the fat from assimilating in your intestine and adhering to your body, eliminating it naturally. In this way, the reserves of fat that your body has will be used to produce the energy you need, accelerating the loss of weight and height.

How Does Orlistat Work?
Talissa removes 30% of the fat contained in the food we eat. It acts in the intestine decreasing the absorption of fats from the food we consume and eliminating fat in the stool.

Can Diabetic Patients Take Talissa?
Diabetic patients can take Talissa with orlistat which helps control blood glucose in patients with type 2 diabetes, obesity, and overweight and for patients treated with hypoglycaemic medications (diabetes medications) or insulin.

How Can I Get Better Results With Talissa?
Complement your lifestyle with a low-fat diet and regular physical activity such as walking 30 minutes every day to accelerate energy consumption and to lose weight quickly.

Does Talissa Have Any Interaction With Other Medications?
Talissa DOES NOT interact with alcohol or medications such as digoxin, nifedipine, oral contraceptives, phenytoin, pravastatin, statins, warfarin, or metformin.

Talissa Has Any Side Effects?
Clinically no side effects have been proven. Talissa effects limited to the gastrointestinal tract can occur when there is an excessive intake of fat, causing it to be evacuated in a liquid way or producing an increase in defecation.

How Much Weight Can I Lose In a Week With Talissa with orlistat 120mg
That will depend on each person, you can lower a percentage equal to or greater than 10% of your body weight at the end of the treatment that goes from 3 to 6 months. But the results may vary depending on the functioning of each person.

Who Can Take Talissa Orlistat?
For the treatment of obesity, Talissa can be taken by men and women, from 18 years of age, during weight loss, and in maintenance treatment along with a diet low in fat and calories.

Can Talissa Be Taken by Women during Pregnancy and Lactation?
The safety of Talissa during pregnancy has not been established and it is not known if it is excreted in breast milk, so its use is not recommended during pregnancy or lactation.

Why Is Recommended To Take a Multivitamin While Taking Talissa?
At the time that the absorption of fats is reduced, the levels of fat-soluble vitamins (that is, they use fat to be absorbed) could decrease. This is the case of vitamin A, DE, and K, so a conventional multivitamin helps those levels remain in normal ranges.

Each Talissa Capsule Contains:
Talissa ..........Orlistat 120 mg (Equivalent to Alli)

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